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Have you always enjoyed math and science classes? Would you like to experience cutting-edge science research, meet successful female scientists, and learn how you can achieve a career in science? Then our program is for you!

Common Questions About the Program

Who can apply to this program?

Any Latina who will be finishing her freshman or sophomore year of high school is eligible to apply for the program.

How does the application process work?

In order to apply, just fill out an application form and send it to the program director (contact is below). You will also need to ask one of your science teachers to send a recommendation; this can be done by e-mail. The selection committee will review all applicants, and those who are selected will be notified by phone and e-mail.

Is there any cost to to attend the Camino a la Ciencia summer residential experience?

No! The Camino a la Ciencia summer residential experience is free to participants. On-campus housing, all meals, entrance fees for our trips, transportation and recreational activities are all free. Participants may want to bring money for souvenirs and will need to provide their own transportation to and from the residential experience.

How do the scholarships work?

Students who successfully complete the Camino a la Ciencia summer residential experience will be awarded scholarship funds to the school of their choice. Randolph-Macon College will hold on to the scholarship funds until participants graduate from high school, then will disburse the funds directly to the student’s institute of higher education.

Can the scholarship money be used to fund education at a 2-year or community college? What about a technical college?

Yes! The money can be dispersed to any accredited institution of higher education.

How will the school-year experiences be organized?

All participants will be matched with a near peer mentor, a current student at R-MC who will meet with them at least twice during the school year and keep in touch via phone and text. The mentor will be available to answer questions about college, the application process and the post high school experience. Together with that there will be several organized activities on campus during the course of the year.

How will my child be supervised while they are at the camp?

Your child’s group will be supervised by a Randolph-Macon College faculty member, a Residential Experience counselor, and a Camino a la Cienca intern for the entire time they are at the camp. The Residential Experience counselor (who will be female) will live in the dormitory with the participants and will travel with the group to all of their activities during the duration of the camp.

Are the dorms safe?

Yes! Our dorms and our campus are very safe. Randolph-Macon College dormitories are secured 24 hours a day and are only accessible with an electronic entrance key; each participant will be issued an entrance key when they register for campus. Campus safety performs regular patrols of the dormitories and campus 24 hours a day, and our participants will always be supervised by a mentor or a RA.

How will my child be transported to off-campus events?

We will contract a professional, licensed transportation company for all off-campus events.

What if there is an emergency? How can I contact my child?

You will be provided with an emergency contact number so that you can reach a residential experience organizer 24 hours a day. Your child may also bring her cell phone, if she has one, to the residential experience

What if my child is vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free has a food allergy etc.?

The majority of meals during the Camino a la Ciencia Summer Residential Experience will be eaten in Estes Dining Hall on the Randolph-Macon College campus. Our dining hall can easily accommodate special dietary concerns; please contact the director to let her know so that we can make those accommodations.

Contact information:

Ms. Molly Smith, Program Coordinator, Pathways to Science/Caminos a la Ciencia

Randolph-Macon College, Box 5005, Ashland, VA 23005
804-752-3221 / mollysmith@rmc.edu